U-24 GN

HP Series



Eliminate Injuries, lawsuits, and workers comp claims!

No heavy ramps leading to pulled back muscles, smashed feet, severed fingers, and equipment damage.

Save time and money, as the NO RAMP™ Trailer design allows loading/un-loading to be done with-or-without tow vehicle being attached.

Avoid damage to your valuable equipment due to low approach angle while loading and unloading.

NO RAMP Trailer vs. Other Equipment Trailer designs; 

NO RAMP Trailers have been referred to as a “Tilt Trailer” or “Tilt Bed Trailer”, “Ground Level Loading Trailer”, EZ Ramp Trailer, or “Drop Deck Trailer”…whatever it has been labeled, the advantages are clear, the patented No Ramp Trailer design is the safest, and most versatile equipment hauling trailer option available.

NO RAMP Trailer vs. [Drop Deck Trailer] [Ground Level Loading Trailer]

Drop deck or ground level loading trailers have independent wheel suspensions that allow the deck of the trailer to lie flat on the ground. Consequently, the suspension components have high maintenance and production cost. Additionally, the design robs width from the usable deck space. The No Ramp Trailer has a full-length torsion axle that provides long life and low maintenance…Complexity vs. Simplicity!

NO RAMP Trailer vs. [Tilt Trailer] or [Tilt Bed Trailer]

Like a conventional ramp trailer, the tilt bed trailer design provides a steep approach angle for loading and unloading, making wet or wintry job assignments dangerous for employees and exposing equipment to damage. Additionally, loading and unloading multiple pieces often times requires extra man power (labor) or a creative balancing act at best. The No Ramp Trailer design actually uses the deck of the trailer AS THE RAMP, creating a  (+ -) 3° approach angle.  Accordingly, this not only provides safe, quick, multi-unit loading, it also allows for equipment to be loaded and unloaded with or without being attached to a tow vehicle…saving time and labor with high daily usage! (The rental industry loves this feature.) 


Standard Features Include;

Full Length Torsion Axle(s)

Brakes on All Wheel Hubs of U Series Trailers

Multiple Stake Bed Pockets with Rub Rail

Welded D-Rings

Laser Cut Banjo Keys

LED Lighting

Adjustable Coupler

15' Extension Cord Up/Down Control Module

Large Systems Box for Tie Down Strap Storage and Specialty Tools

Protected Factory Molded Wire Harness

Auxiliary Winch Receiver

Easy Access Grease Zerks on Axle Pins & Fender Hinges

Safety Locking Mechanism 

Safe, Rugged, Durable, Reliable !

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